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The Survey has 10 sections covering different aspects of the early experience of coeducation at Exeter. Each Section contains multiple-choice and open-ended questions. To start a Section, click on the link below. A window will open with the Section.  Once you have finished the Section, click on "Submit" to record your response. If you wish to print a copy of your response, you should print each page of the Section as you go along and BEFORE you hit "Submit". Once you hit "Submit", you cannot print a copy of your response.


Note that when you finish a section, you will need to close the window for the Section you are in and return to the master list below to start a new section. 


Please complete Section 1: Your Profile Then and Now to give us basic data, and after that it is up to you to respond to questions that are meaningful to you.

If you choose to do the Survey in more than one sitting, you will need to return to this page. This page is open to those who have signed the FEW Permission and License via Docusign. The address is

Finally, if you start a Section and want to go back to it later, use the web address above and click on the link below to complete whatever portion remains. 

The FEW policy on names and identifying information

We designed the survey to elicit our stories and memories so we can create a first hand account of the FEW. This is not a forum to make allegations that cannot be responded to or debated, so we reserve the right to redact names or identifying information from submissions that do not adhere to that standard. 


The Survey

Section 1. Your Profile Then and Now

Section 2. Getting To Exeter

Section 3. Classroom Experience

Section 4. Dorm and Day Student Life

Section 5. Athletics

Section 6. Extracurriculars

Section 7. Social Life

Section 8. Health and Well-being

Section 9. After Exeter

Section 10. Additional Thoughts and Comments

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