The Project


The young women in the Exeter Classes of 1971 through 1975 were the “pioneers” of coeducation at Exeter. These first female students collided with 200 years of a boys school with strong traditions. Many of the situations and conditions the early female Exonians encountered are no longer what young women experience at Exeter. The school has changed forever, and only those who were there at the time can describe the early years of coeducation.


Fifty years later this Written History Project aims to capture the stories of the young women who were there at the beginning of coeducation. The responses that are gathered will be stored digitally and made available to future researchers. The stories and viewpoints will be as unique as the young women who were there.


If you are a member of a class between 1971 and 1975, you are invited to click on the links below to participate in the project. 

A Note About Privacy:


If you have questions about the Written History Project you can contact Chloe Gavin ‘72 at or Elizabeth Harrison Hadley ‘73 at

The Questions

The questions are set out in the “Forms” below.  Questions are both multiple choice (where did you go to school before Exeter?) and impressionistic (Describe the gender dynamics in the classroom). They are organized by topic so that you may answer questions on one topic and come back later to respond to another area. You do not need to follow the forms in any order EXCEPT we ask that you start by identifying yourself on Form 1.


You can fill out Forms and share your history until September 2021.

Thank you for your time and for remembering the special time we shared. 


Form 1: Your Profile:Then & Now


Form 2: Getting to Exeter 


Form 3: Classroom Experience 


Form 4: Dorm Life


Form 5: Athletics


Form 6: Extracurriculars


Form 7: Social Life


Form 8: Diversity and Inclusion


Form 9: After Exeter : Professional

        After Exeter : Personal

A Written History Project

For the Exeter Classes of 1971-1975


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